Furnicraft Addon

DOWNLOAD: furnicraft-v11_8-resource.mcpack [13.37 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: furnicraft-v11_8-behavior.mcpack [668.14 Kb]

Furnicraft Addon is modification for Minecraft PE and it adds new furniture’s into your game ( more than 50 + diferent furnitures ). All furniture’s will replaced by vanilla mobs from your world. You could get piano, table, chair, Personal computer, billiard, kitchen furniture and so on.  ( mod will add 12 furniture stuff ) and this addon adds one car.

developers: ROBERTGAMER69

How to get new furniture?

Of course you could create new world with creative mode and then try to find all blocks in your inventory, but it works in survival mode too. You can try to kill mobs and waiting for drop, or you also could trade with villagers with blocks, which you need.
  • Creeper head replaced by tv 
  • Dragonhead replaced by computer
  • Nether reactor - False end portal 
  • Barrier block replaced by nether reactor
  • Lucky block replaced by nether reactor
  • Steve head – replaced by piano
  • 3d beds – replaced by all heads
  • Chair replaced by zombie villagers
  • Zombie head replaced by pool table
  • Wither skeleton skull replaced by stove
  • car replaced by witch
  • Chairs & Couches – Zombie Villagers

How to get furniture?

One of the method to get furniture can be the next: 
craft the clay at first
then get stone cutter and you will be able to get furniture

some screenshots you can see here

  • new npc of female, male, boys and girls will be added
  • mirror will be added
  • bug fixes
  • new animations
  • new textures
  • etc

Download Furnicraft for Minecraft PE 1.12 - 11.16 +
DOWNLOAD: furnicraft-v11_8-resource.mcpack [13.37 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: furnicraft-v11_8-behavior.mcpack [668.14 Kb]

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