Crafting Dead PE Addon

Have you ever seen series The Walking Dead? This addon based on it. It called Crafting Dead PE Addon for Minecraft PE. You will see new mobs, male and ranged weapons. Through this modification you could improve your survival mode and make it more complicated and hard for you.

developers: RedstoneLover
update: bug fixes

What the new mobs it will add?

You will see 3 new mobs ( walker, runner, survivors ) All of them will look really cool, you will feel yourself like in post apocalyptic world.

  1. Runner replaced by husk
  2. Survivors replaced by skeleton
  3. Walker replaced by normal zombie

New male weapons 

The list of new male weapon is below

  1. Diamond samurai sword replaced by Didond sword
  2. Chainsaw - diamond axe
  3. Bowie Knife - Golden Sword
  4. Samirai Sword - Iron Sword
  5. Fire Axe - Iron axe
  6. Baseball Bat - wooden Sword
  7. Crowbar - stone sword
Range weapon
  1. Rifle replaced by ender pearl
  2. Pistol - bow
  3. Throwing Knife - snowball
one more screenshot with some weapons

Download this addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.5/1.6+
DOWNLOAD: craftingdeadpev205.mcaddon [53.69 Kb]

old versions
DOWNLOAD: craftingdeadpe010.mcaddon [59.64 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: craftingdeadpev5.mcaddon [36.67 Kb]

last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.101
last Minecraft PE BETA version

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