Placeable Food Addon

Placeable Food Addon for Minecraft PE adds new food items. They will use only for decoration purposes. For example, you can get Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Rabbit Stew, Bread, Apple, Mushrooms Stew and so on. ( more then 30 different food ) It is very important to mention, that you cannot use or eat this food, because this is only for decoration. 

JEBR_Gaming developer

How to get Food?

  • Android or iOS : Long press tap on the plate with some kind of food and then press the interact button to place it down on the plate.
  • Windows 10: You should do the same process as for Android/iOS, instead right click
now you can look at some screenshots below the text. These food look really cool and realistic, unfortunately you cannot do anything useful instead decoration your house and another structures.

download this food addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.5/1.6 +
DOWNLOAD: placeablefoodaddonv2-2.mcaddon [174.56 Kb]

old versions
DOWNLOAD: placeablefoodaddonv2.mcaddon [327.99 Kb]

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