Ender Horse Add-on

Ender Horse Add-on for Minecraft PE will add new Ender Hourse into your world. At first, you need find new animal in your Overworld, it will be spawn randomly. At first, you should take hourse and then you will able to ride. Hourse will have unique skill to teleport you. 

How to find the hourse?
Hourse will spawn randomly and authomatically everywhere in your world

how to take the hourse?
Just come close, you will see new button, tap on it and seat on the hourse. Waiting a little bit untill you will see hearts, it is indicate, that hourse was tamed. 

How to ride the hourse?
After taming, you should put the saddle on the hourse. 

For android devices: ride horse, find a sattle in your inventory and add saddle in horse back.
for windows 10 devices: the same , but click E button

some screenshots

DOWNLOAD for Minecraft PE 1.11 +
DOWNLOAD: ender_horse_rp.mcpack [975.97 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: ender_horse_bh.mcpack [403.26 Kb]

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