How To Train Your Dragon Add-on

This addon based on the famous cartoon How to train your dragon. This addon will ad 4 type of dragons: Night fury. light fury, deadly Nadder, etc .All dragons are different and have unique behaviors. Dragons will spawn randomly and fly, they also will attack ships. Dragons will have few attack behaviors ranged and male. For example, they can shoot fireballs. You can tame him and fly with him.

Take attention, that is only beta version of addon and still should be updated and bug fixed. 

How to tame a dragon? 
You need come very close to dragon and feed him fish

How to ride a dragon?
At first dragon should be tamed. After that, you need use a saddle.

How to use storage in tamed dragon?
once you tamed that dragon you can put the chest to him and storage your items

Which dragons will be added?

Deadly Nadder (this type is colorful dragons)
Light Fury (white dragons)
Night Fury (dark dragons)
Monstrous Nightmare

DOWNLOAD How To Train Your Dragon Add-on addon for Minecraft PE 1.14
DOWNLOAD: how-tu-train-your-dragon-addon.mcaddon [1.17 Mb]

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What button is it to fly?
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