Wearable Cape Banners Addon

Wearable Cape Banners Addon for Minecraft PE will add many new capes for your back. You can easy get and change your cape with shulker, creeper or diamond sword cape. In sum you will have 25 capes to choose. 

Pay attention, that this addon will not work on the servers, but it works for multiplayer with your friends as well.

How to find new capes?
Capes will spawn randomly in your world. You should find right one, come and walk up. You will see that banner will be on your back. 

You can change the capes?
You can also due capes. There are 25 different colours and pattern.

1) You can due with colours. Red due - red colour.
2) If you want due with pattern see below
  • MCPEDL Cape: Grass block
  • Creator Cape: Steve Skull
  • Creeper Cape: Creeper Skull
  • Shulker Cape: Shulker shell
  • Golden Picaxe Cape: golden pickaxe
  • Diamond Sword Cape: Diamond sword
  • Tie-dye Cape: Quartz
  • Missing Texture Cape“: black banner
  • X (10th) Birthday Cape: Cake

Download addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition ( Bedrock version ) 1.10/1.13 +
DOWNLOAD: capes-add-on-v_2.mcaddon [968.77 Kb]

old version
DOWNLOAD: capeaddonno-adfly.mcaddon [1.38 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: cape_addon.mcaddon [38.99 Kb]

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