Actual Guns Add-on

Actual Guns Add-on for Minecraft PE adds over 50 new weapon, grenades and ammunition. You will get 24 guns such as pistols, rifles, RPG, AK 47, sniper gun, etc. Grenades will help you with massive attack. There will be 3 types of grenades: explosive, smoke and flashbang. Do you want to make big war in your world? With this addon you will be able do this. 

  • over 50 different addon items

how to get the gun?
write next command to get the weapon:
/function getar

/function getetc
/function getgrenade
/function getmelee
/function getshotgun
/function getpistol
/function getsniper
/function getsmg
/function getheavy
Actual Guns Add-on

How to activate gun?
use shift or sneak button 

how to threw grenades?
hold shift or sneak button on 1 second


changelog v.3.1.2
  • new textures
  • bug fixes

Download Actual Guns Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17

DOWNLOAD: actualguns-behavior-v3_1_2.mcpack [2.45 Mb] DOWNLOAD: actualguns-resource-v3_1_2.mcpack [15.84 Mb]

old versions
DOWNLOAD: actualguns-resource-v_2_9.mcpack [33.22 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: actualguns-behavior-v_2_9.mcpack [1.92 Mb]

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LemonPlayzzMC140 от 28 June 2021 15:25
Guys, if you are wondering where the guns are, or you activated both RP and BP. Well you just gotta Turn on Experimental Gameplay and go to your world.

But be careful, if you have a potato phone then the classic Minecraft Texture will turn 8x8.
Acecruz от 12 June 2021 16:25
This is awsome i wish to create a real train mod for pocket edition
Neco от 16 May 2021 18:33
I just want alot of guns that's it nothing else thanks
hackprothebest pro at cmd
hackprothebest pro at cmd от 22 April 2021 04:10
Quote: deeer
were are the guns at

The guns are in commands use /function getallguns or /give @p gun:rpg ammo:rpg

John Paul
John Paul от 18 April 2021 11:14
Pls Fix The Bug The Bug Is When Multiplayer Mode
deeer от 31 March 2021 22:44
were are the guns at
Carason от 18 March 2021 19:23
I love this. I just wana know its hard to play on Java edition so i am a little disipointed. So pls fix this.[hide[/hide]
Jacob от 18 February 2021 10:02
I just want alot of guns that's it nothing else thanks
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