AK X-Ray texture

AK X-Ray New texture pack makes mining much easier. Addon makes unuseful blocks invisible and they will not bother you. It helps you a lot in searching diamond, gold, redstone and another rare block. Stop waste your mining in the caves. With this texture pack your mining process will be simple and fast. 

This texture pack is really famous and idea was made many years ago. But it is still useful because can stop wasting our time when we collect resources. This pack makes our game really simple. 

  • fast mining
  • you can see only useful blocks
  • OFF smooth lightning

Why you need the addon?
How much time do you spend on mining? Do you think that it is monotonous and boring? Enough to do this! This addon clean unuseful blocks such like dirt, sand, stone, etc. but it let you see only very rare blocks such like diamond, gold or redstone. 

Do not forget disable smooth lightning in the setting. If you do not do this you will see dark blocks.If you turn it off blocks will be visible. 

screenshots from this addon you can see below

video review of this addon you will be able to find below

What´s new in 1.11.0?
support 1.17 version
bug fixes
new design

download AK X-Ray texture for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17
DOWNLOAD: ak-x-ray-1_11_0.mcpack [26.92 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: ak-x-ray-1_5_0.mcpack [156.26 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: ak-x-ray-1_1_0.mcpack [15.53 Kb]

How to install texture/shader?

  1. Tap on the file ( it will be installed automatically )
  2. Open the game - Settings - Global resources - find your texture/shader

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