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Today you can download the most popular texture faithful for Minecraft PE. Actually it has been ported from computer version and now you can have fun with this texture packs in Pocket Edition. If you a long time play in our game and graphic are already boring for you then I advice you change your resource pack for this.


author: LukasPlaysGames, TheRedstoneMC, Hanneman117

support: Minecraft PE 1.2 +


Now I want to show you screenshot. Pay attention on quality small details, drowing and stile. For me it is amazing.


Finely I very recommend you this I think the best texture which I know.  If you want change something in MCPE or if you want see something new. It is very good solution. With it your Minecraft will be different and fresh. Most blocks and other stuff in game will be change.


fix bugs

32×32 Resolution (full 1.6 support)
for MCPE 1.5 version (32x32)
DOWNLOAD: faithful32pre2water.mcpack [5.87 Mb]

Download for 1.4 MCPE
DOWNLOAD: faithful-32x32.mcpack [5.68 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: faithful-64x64.mcpack [15.89 Mb]  


How to install?

  1. Tap on the file ( it will be installed automatically )
  2. Open the game - Settings - Global resources - find your texture/shader

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hi от 18 December 2016 18:56
it took along time for my game to load :(

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