Download Mechs and Jetpacks for Minecraft PE

Mechs and Jetpacks for Minecraft PE

Do you miss the action? Meet the new Mechs and Jetpacks mod for Minecraft PE. It’s a new level of gameplay, a sea of positive emotions guaranteed. Jetpacks will move you quickly around the map, and exoskeletons will allow you to instantly deal with enemies. If you still don’t know whether to download Mechs and Jetpacks for Minecraft PE or not, then read the description.

Mini Tank (Gun)

You can start controlling it with the magnetite, it will constantly accompany you and shoot enemies, all except Endermen. You can repair it with iron, gold and redstones.

Snow Vacuum Cleaner

Tired of clearing snow? Install a Snow Vacuum Cleaner and it automatically cleans!

Flying exoskeleton

The exoskeleton will give you night vision and allow you to breathe underwater.

Destroyer Robot (Magna The Mighty)

A cyclops robot that destroys everyone in its path with its laser eye will be your best companion. You can obtain it from the armourer for 17 emeralds. Tame it with magnetite.

Heavy Transport (can airlift Heavy Miners)

Transporting miners has become much easier since you now have a special aeroplane!
You can just crash into a miner on your plane, and it will come to you. And when you want to bring him down to the mine site, just press jump. You can repair with iron ingots and redstones.

Heavy miner

If you get tired of mining fossil materials you can use the Heavy Miner. There are four passenger seats inside. You can only charge it once, and if you want to repair it, you can use Rarestone and Iron Barrels.

Drilling robot

A machine that not only helps you drill quickly, but also gives you night vision and underwater breathing. You can start using it with a neserite ingot.

Jetpack 2.0

The Jetpack is much faster now, but unfortunately it’s also more expensive.


Wearing an exoskeleton will turn you into a Minecraft Terminator.
You’ll have plenty of health.
You won’t find a single obstacle you can’t jump.
The handheld minigun on top will add to your confidence when fighting monsters.
Your speed on land and water will increase.
You can also repair the exoskeleton with redstone and iron bars.

Destructive exoskeleton

If the normal exoskeleton is too boring for you, how about this one?
Using it you can pass through all types of obstacles, you can either loot or go and smash up your opponent’s base.
The disadvantages are that movement is slower than in a normal exoskeleton.
It can be repaired by using ingots and redstones.

Supported versions
1.19 1.18.30 1.18.20 1.18.10 1.18 1.17.30 1.17.11 1.17 (beta)


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