How to install Minecraft PE maps for Android device

Today I going to show you how to install Minecraft PE maps for Android device. You can have two kind of maps. One in .MCWorld and other in .zip. For installl you do not need Blocklauncher. You have Minecraft Pocket Edition the last version and that is enough. As usually, under the map in articles, I write which particular version you need.

How to install Minecraft PE .MCWorld map for Android

At first, you have to find your file manager ( explorer ) As a rule, you have this soft by standard. Look at this screenshot.


Second step. Find your map and tap on it ( for example I would install The Tale of Steve ( how it looks )

The next step. You will see new window below,where you have to choose the type, tap on docs

The last step. Android will ask you, how you open this map? Just push on Minecraft PE. That is all! You will see how the game automatically install it and generate the world.

In the end MCPE open this map and it will be ready to play!

How to install Minecraft PE .zip map for Android

  • Step #1. Download map.
  • Step #2. Download AndroZip here
  • Step #3. Open this app on your device and find your map
  • Step #4. Extract your map ( archive ) to this way: /storage/emulated/0/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/
  • Step #5. Open Minecraft PE and find your map in world list

Install the map for Minecraft PE is inevitable thing, because they can be super cool and interesting and now you know how to do it. By the way amount of maps is shrinking.

In addictions, you can watch some video guide