Astronomic Expansion Addon

Astronomic Expansion Addon for Minecraft PE adds 180 new items into your game. You will see new blocks, mobs, weapons, amulets, bosses and even new effects. You can get easy guide in game and know everything about this amazing addon.

developers: solvedDev, Twitter Account

How to get guide?

Take villagers spawn egg, because they replaced by guide. Guide shows you many useful information about features of this addon.

For example, on the screenshot below you can see category Entities – Miner.

Which new items will be add?

As I said, addon adds more then 180 new items.

Very important information! New items you can get only with special commands check them in guide.

You cannot get new items through inventory in creative mode.

Which new blocks will be add?

You will see a lot new blocks. Now your buildings and structures will be more creative and beautiful.

New mobs and bosses


It is very interesting possibility stay more powerful. You will able transform in creatures: Dragon, vampire, hydra, and werewolf. Each of them has unique features.


Pay attention on the villagers, because they are very important object in this addon. Villager trades can help you get new items. There will be 21 new villager perfections.

New interface


for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2 + DOWNLOAD: astroexp-v1_2.mcaddon [303,36 Kb]