How to install addon for Minecraft PE?

How to install addon in Minecraft PE? In this article, I will tell about it. There are two different addons: 1). .McAddon 2).McPack and they have a little bit different installation, but still very easy. All you need to do, just download addon, tap on it, than create new world and in setting activate behavior and resource pack.

How to install .McAddon/.McPack files?

  1. You download this file ( these could be two different files – behavior pack and resource pack)
  2. You open this file ( tap on it ) and you will see how MCPE opens automatically
  3. Tap on Play button – Create new world button
  4. Find resources pack pack button
  5. Open it and find your pack
  6. Tap on it and that tap on plus to activate this pack
  7. The same we do with behavior pack
  8. That is all!

If you have still problems with installation addons I recommend look at these short movie