Better Faction v1.1.19


Behold, the Better Faction arises as a script of augmentation, custom-made for PvP faction realms. It assimilates unparalleled chat directives, empowering pursuits such as appending sanctuaries, defining teleportation nodes, establishing factions, and beyond. You can fashion bespoke exhibits and partake in clandestine colloquy cohorts, with polyglot translation reinforcement. To harness this compilation, ascertain that the API BETA Experimental attribute is activated (be advised that it is an ongoing endeavor). Revel in the splendor of your gaming odyssey!

This modification harmonizes with Xbox, PS4, Windows 10, and Pocket Edition.




command List :
do /tag @s add Admin
tips : when you need to enter a playerName use @


Setting command : Alias : sethl, sethomelimit 

+sethomelimit <number>

define the default home limit a player have when he join the map for the first time

+sethomelimit <playerName> <number>

define the home limit of a specific player

Alias : setml, setmemberlimit 

+setmemberlimit <number>

define the default member limit a faction have when it will be created

+setmemberlimit <factionName> <number>

define the member limit of a specific faction.

Alias : setscm, setscmoney, setscoremoney

+setscoremoney <ScoreName>

define the default money scoreboard (synchronise btw script and scoreboard)

Alias : setpf, setprefix

+setprefix <prefix>

define the default prefix when you use command with the mod (NEVER ENTER a «/» !!!)

Alias : setcn, setcustomname


switch btw on and off the custom name feature (Warning : with custom name you can’t do command like always, here an example : /tag «mister art43» add Admin for example if i create a faction named «fac» so my name will change and the valid command would be /tag «§6-Fac- §rmister art43» add Admin

Alias : setfh, setfhome, setfactionhome

+setfh +setfh <factionName>

define if the faction are able to use faction home (default on false).

Alias : settpadelay, settd

+settd <number>

edit the delay before a tpa request expired (in second) (default on 60 seconds)

Player Command

Alias : sethome, sh

+sethome <homeName>

set a new home point at your current position (work in different dimension)

Alias : home, h

+home <homeName>

teleport to your home

Alias : delhome, dh

+delhome <homeName>

remove a home you have

Alias : listhome, homelist, lh


list all home you have

Alias : pay


launch the pay ui

+pay <playerName>

send money to another player

Alias : balance, bank


show how many money you have.

Alias : tpa

+tpa <playerName>

ask for a player to teleport to him.

Alias : tpah, tpahere

+tpahere <playerName>

ask for a player to teleport him to you.

Alias : tpayes, tpaccept

+tpayes <playerName>

accept all tpa / tpahere request. note : tpa request expire after 60 sec (connected or not)

Alias : lang

+lang <yourLang>

change the langage of better faction note : supported langage : en, es, fr, id, vi, pl

Alias : c, chat

+chat all

go in the general chat

+chat f +chat faction

go in a private chat with your faction

+chat a +chat ally

go in a private chat with your faction and other faction you have relation with +f ally…

+chat <password>

go in a private chat with every player who put the same password


Alias : faction, f faction Command : Alias : create

+f create <factionName>

create a new faction.

Alias : quit, q

+f quit

leave the faction.

Alias : invite, invit, inv

+f invite <playerName> +f invite clear +f invite list

invite a player to join your faction

Case Sensitive

!!! («mister art43» is not the same as «Mister Art43»).

Alias : join, j

+f join <FactionName>

for joining a faction.

Alias : info, i

+f info +f info <factionName>

show information about your faction or a specific faction if you enter the name

Alias : sethome, sh

+f sethome

set the faction home (only leader can do that, only in overworld). (if the admin activate this option)

Alias : home, h

+f home

teleport you to the faction home (if the admin activate this option) (default coordinate are the location were the owner create the faction (only in overworld)).

Alias : k, kick

+f kick <playerName>

kick a player from the faction.

Alias : l, list

moreover, to dispatch the bundle onto Realms, you ought to procure the realm, embed the bundle (don’t forget to trigger the game test framework), and subsequently advance to dispatch the realm with the merged bundle.


when you start the mod for the first time verify you have API BETA checked from your setting, then do ‘/tag @s add Admin’.
To upload the pack on realms you need to download the world, put the pack inside (don’t forget to enable gametest framework) then upload the world with the pack inside.

if you did have another version before do +update

if you did have a version lower than 1.1.4 do this :
/tag @s add Admin

/tag @s add log

/tag @s add debug
+manage resetALL



Download Minecraft PE 1.20.0 FULL for Android

Download Minecraft PE 1.18.30 FULL for Android

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