Better: Portal Guns ADD-ON

Step into a dimension where you wield the power to contort the fabric of space and time. Brace yourself for bewilderment as you seize command of the extraordinary Better: Portal Guns ADD-ON, harnessing inspiration from the illustrious ‘Portal’ video game.

The Portal Guns ADD-ON thrusts the legendary portal gun into your Minecraft realm, empowering you to forge interlinked portals that defy the very principles of physics. Bid farewell to arduous expeditions across vast landscapes — simply aim, connect, and effortlessly translocate to your desired destination.


PORTAL GUN PREVIEW (Model inspired by the Portal Video Game)

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Forge Your Way in Survival

Adventure knows no limits! With this add-on, even within survival mode, you have the ability to forge your very own portal gun using standard Minecraft items. Set your creativity free and construct this technological marvel to unlock extraordinary travel opportunities.

Items needed to craft portal gun

  • minecraft:iron_nugget
  • minecraft:iron_ingot
  • minecraft:stick
  • minecraft:redstone



Unveil the Untrodden: A Myriad of Portals Await

Embarking upon boundless voyages becomes as effortless as a feather’s dance, all thanks to the Better Portals add-on. Whether you dare to ascend towering pinnacles, plunge into the profoundest abysses, or wander through the uttermost recesses of your realm, interconnecting portals across vast stretches infuses a tantalizing essence into your escapades.

These portals can be summoned from distant realms, and yet they persist in their seamless operation.


The portal gun can be got from the nature items category

Portal gun, minecraft, MCPE, mod, mods, add-on, game,games

Portal gun, minecraft, MCPE, mod, mods, add-on, game,games



Portal gun, minecraft, MCPE, mod, mods, add-on, game,games

Portal gun, minecraft, MCPE, mod, mods, add-on, game,games

Unleash the boundless potential of your Minecraft realm with the Better: Portal Guns ADD-ON: Augmented Portals Extension. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a master of redstone, this add-on infuses an additional layer of exhilaration and inventiveness into your gaming odyssey.

Note that the addon works for almost all minecraft versions starting from 1.17,1.18,1.19,1.20+




Download Minecraft PE 1.20.0 FULL for Android

Download Minecraft PE 1.19.62 FULL for Android


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