Download Minecraft PE for Android

The developers have released a new beta version of Minecraft Fixed various bugs that interfered with play, improved Spectator mode, and music is now included in the game by default on Android.

Minecraft PE for Android


  • Music is now included in the game for Android, it no longer needs to be downloaded from the Marketplace
  • When using ‘/kill’ on a player in creative mode, an informative message now appears

Spectator Mode

  • The effect of Mushy Snow no longer affects Spectators
  • Leashed pets no longer follow spectators
  • Spectators no longer create walking particles when running
  • Spectators existing effects no longer display particles

Fixed bug fixes

  • Converting text to speech no longer ignores volume settings
  • Boats with chests will again eject the contents of the chest when using /kill
  • When using Ragu, the empty bowl now stays in the same slotWhen using Potions, the empty flask now stays in the same slot
  • Drowned Men no longer appear in Warm Ocean biomes.
  • Oak and Mangrove Gates now ignite
  • Fireballs can no longer pass through portals by getting stuck in them
  • Fixed dropped items getting stuck on the edge of running water
  • Fixed textures of some blocks underwater
  • The sky in the Edge is no longer static when it rains in the Normal World
  • Fixed a bug that caused some items in Addons to be duplicated after being used and killed by the player
  • Fixed performance when small Straders were being ridden by Straders
  • Speshiks and Bees no longer get stuck on lanterns or other low-hanging objects
  • The percent sign (%) is no longer added to player names when using ‘/scoreboard player reset’
  • Mobs that are not parrots but can sit on the player’s shoulder change their position when the player crouches

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