Download Sonic Land Add-on

Download Sonic Land Add-on

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most popular cartoon and game characters. We have already seen more than once add-ons for Minecraft with this character, and now you can add many characters and even bosses with the Sonic Land mod. Even if you’re not a fan of the speed hedgehog, these mobs will make the game more interesting.

Green Hill Area

  • Replaces the grassy biome.
  • New structures, objects, animals, and palm trees will appear
  • You can create all things made of wood from palm boards
  • Rings appear that can be collected
  • Some platforms allow you to jump high


  • Rabbitwoman
  • Rabbitess Krim
  • Maria Robotnik
  • Selling valuable items
  • Spawn: Green Hill Area

Shadow Rifle

  • Purchased from Maria Robotnik
  • Shoots explosive fire
  • 20 bullets
  • To reload, you must take a magazine in your left hand, crouch down and interact

Sonic’s character skins

  • Can be purchased from Rabbit Krim for rings and diamonds
  • Each character skin gives a certain ability
  • You have to put the skin in the helmet slot
  • Some characters can move quickly and deal damage as they move. They can also climb walls quickly
  • Some characters give flight (crouch button)

Chaos Emeralds

  • Each has 32 uses, after which they become an Emerald with no energy
  • Green Emerald: Gives random access to animals
  • Blue Emerald: Gives night vision for 10 minutes
  • Red Emerald: Gives 10 minutes extra life
  • Purple Emerald: Gives a potion effect for 10 minutes
  • Yellow Emerald: Changes the time of day
  • White Emerald: Gives 16 chili dogs
  • Blue Emerald: Gives invisibility and slow fall for 10 minutes
  • Super Sonic (Super Shadow Sonic): 7 kinds of chaos emeralds and a Sonic (or Shadow Sonic) skin in a workbench. Infinite potion effects and great speed

Craft Recipes

Recipes for Crafting Supplement Items
Recipes for Crafting Supplement Items


  • Spawn: Green Hill Zone
  • Flying
  • Taming: apples

Metal Sonic

  • Health: 650
  • Damage: 16
  • Speed: 0.35
  • Skill: Spin (8 area damage and increased speed)
  • Drop: Blue Chaos Emerald

Doctor Eggman

  • Health: 500
  • Damage: 12 area damage
  • Speed: 0.25
  • Drop: Gray Chaos Emerald and Drill

Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic

Dr. Eggman’s Drill

  • Can be ridden
  • Breaks all blocks
  • Can destroy, then a spun egg will fall out

Robot Drone

  • Spawn: Green Hills
  • Attacks the player with missiles and bulletsDrop: Red Star Rings to buy items
  • Robotnik Drone

Robot Drone

Tornado Aircraft

  • Flying Vehicle
  • Can be purchased from Rabbit Krim
  • 4 seats

Tornado Aircraft

Don’t forget to enable Experimental Options in the map settings

Changes in the new version

  • Added Shadow Rifle
  • Added Maria Robotnik
  • Added Robotnik Drone
  • Added Tornado Plane
  • Changed modelling of mobs

Supported versions
1.19 1.18.30 1.18.20 1.18.10 1.18


Download Sonic Land mod (.mcpack)(linkvertise)

Download textures for Sonic Land mod (.mcpack)(linkvertise)

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