Download Minecraft PE full version APK

Minecraft PE full version for Android has many updates and it is very important for map/addon creators. Mojang was fixed a lot of bugs in gameplay, performance, game stuff. Big changes you will be in sounds, frequent of sounds will increase, mobs will have new sounds, etc.

What will be added in version?


  • increasing amound of sounds for mobs
  • Wandering trader mob will get new sound
  • gameplay menu will be different
  • panorama game menu will be changed
  • new button Marketplace will be added
  • many bug fixes
  • big updated regarding addon/map creators
  • big changes for script engine

more information you will get on Mojang website below:

DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_12_0_28_xbox.apk from Google Play [84.67 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_13_0_2_original.apk from Google Play [90.67 Mb]

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