Download Minecraft PE 1.0.6 for iOS

Here you can download Minecraft PE 1.0.6 for iOS free. Mojang adds in new game version a lot interesting things, tweaks and this article shows you what changes in the game you will see. Also in this version developers fix bags (unfortunately, a lot of them still works) Lets start!

Developers: Mojang

Update version 1.0.6:

Chinese Mythology mash-up pack

What is new in Minecraft PE 1.0 ?

The most interesting and important is trading with villagers. If you come to any villager and take emerald in your hand you will see new button «TRADE» and you have to push this button. After it you will see new window with trading process. (that you can see on screenshots below)

On this example the villager want to get coal and we will get emerald.

Mojang adds new addon format. It helps modmakers to make addons more quickly and easy. We have benefits too because we will get more interesting addons and mods.

We have some changes in tweaks also:

  • Husk has changed the model (he is taller than zombie)
  • Baby Villagers have change the model

The big part of changing are fix bags.

If you want more information about this upgrade I recommend you want the video below. Author will really good show you what happens with new version of game and he is really funny person.


Download Minecraft PE 1.0.6.ipa

Download Minecraft PE 1.0.5.ipa

Download Minecraft PE 1.0.4.ipa

Old version for iOS 4.3 +

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