Download Minecraft PE 1.14.20 full version

In this article you can download Minecraft PE 1.14.20 full version / release. Updated is getting more interesting and insteresting. Mojang fix bugs and add new game stuff. Please note that this is not beta version.

What will change in update 1.14.20 ?
Nothing were added, only bug fixes:
crashes and performance

  • gameplay
  • creatures
  • commands
  • addons
  • items
  • user interface
  • etc

What is new in Minecraft PE 1.14 ?

Beehive is home for bees. It will spawn naturally.

Use a Campfire to get Honey from a Beehive.

Every beehive can have 5 honey levels. Only on 5 level you can get honey.

Bee is very cute and brave mob.


f you will attack one bee, all another will attack you new cape support.

New blockhoney block ( which is very sticky).

Honeycomb and Honey Bottle.

Download Minecraft PE full version (release)
DOWNLOAD: minecraft-pe-v1_14_20_1-xbox.apk from Google Play [87.11 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft-pe-v1_14_20_1-original.apk from Google Play [90.25 Mb]

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