Download Minecraft PE apk for Android

Minecraft PE updated and you can download it from this article. Mojang is trying to upgrade and improve the game, fix bugs, add new blocks, items, weapons, mobs, etc.

What was new in Minecraft PE
Bug fixes: game crashes, general, gameplay, mmobs, UI, addon, scripts.

more information you can get here:….

Developer: Mojang

What were added in past versions?

You will see new user interface

New structures where you can meet new mobs pillagers. It is called Pillager outpost

In jungles you will find Bamboo plants, You can use them for breeding pandas and as ingredient for crafts

New powerful weapon – crossbow.

Bees will be new cute mobs. They are neutral, but if you will attack them, then they will attack you back.

New items honeycomb, bee nests, beehives, honey blocks.

If player will place item, it will be in 3D model.

xbox version means that you can play without licence

> Download Minecraft PE 1.16 ( NEW ) <


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