Download Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android updated to download. Unfortunately this version doesn’t add any of new game stuff, but fix many bugs and crashes. Full information I will try to describe in article below. Different bugs were fixed in gameplay, user interface, etc.

What will new in v.16.0.58 Nether Updated?

So as you remember previous Beta version was full of new blocks, items, mobs, etc. Hence it is logical that there were many bugs. Now I will describe what bugs will fix in current version.

Crashes and Stability

  • While opening marketplace game can be crashed
  • While cheking updates in marketplace the game can be crashed


  • Error with removing potion in cauldron
  • Error with using fishing rod

User Interface

  • Error with searching in player’s inventory
  • Error with function “craft all”
  • Error with double tapping items

For addon makers

  • Error with pre_effect_script


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