Download Minecraft PE for Android

Today updated Minecraft PE for Android and apk you can download below. In this article I would like to discuss what were changed and what will be new in current version. So in this version you will see many important bug fixes.

What will new in v.
In this version developers only made corrections and unfortunately didn’t add any new things. After many new stuff from MCPE they have a lot of work regarding bug fixes.

Currently amount of fixed bugs in dedicated category you can see beow:

  1. Crash 1 bug was fixed
  2. Gameplay 16 bugs were fixed
  3. Mobs 16 bugs were fixed
  4. World generation 8 bug were fixed
  5. Graphical 4 bugs were fixed
  6. User Interface 1 bug were fixed

Fully list of what exectly were fixed in current version you can see on official website below

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