Download Minecraft PE for Android

Download Minecraft PE for Android you will be able in this article. Mojang fixed a lot of bugs in gameplay, user interface, graphic, etc. Important changes will be regarding crashes. Developer fixed 4 common problems which caused crashes in players. It is very important to update and get new version of the game, because many things will work correctly.

What bugs will fixed:

Crashes and Stability

  • Gameplay crashes
  • split screen crashes
  • crashes while using some custom character creator skins
  • crashes related to maps in item frames

General bugs

  • Error with imported world templates
  • Error with chunks
  • Error with skin»Alex» model


  • Error with Villagers goals
  • Error with Newly-created maps
  • Error with wrong scale for map
  • Error with sheep texture
  • Issue with enchantments
  • Fixed an error with music disc


  • Fixed rendering problems
  • item frams issue
  • Animation scale issue

Add-Ons and Scripting

  • Render controller issue
  • Some empty tags issue

DOWNLOAD: minecraft-v1_16_0_53.apk from Google Play [90.72 Mb]

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