Download Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android you can download below. Today I would like talk what Mojang provided new and why it is important to update new version of the game. At first developer fixed a lot of bugs and crashes. Now Minecraft will work more correctly in the next category: mobs, blocks, gameplay, UI, graphic and rendering.

What bugs and crashes will fixed?


Crashes and Stability

  • gameplay crashes
  • creation new world in iOS platform issue
  • water related crashes
  • issues with mob’s state changed


  • Light propagation issue
  • Chunks errors
  • issues with light persisting
  • ticking areas issue
  • command /replaceitem issue
  • The smooth camera option error
  • Problems with screen twitches


  • some water issue
  • fishing rod problems
  • problems Sweet Berry
  • issue with Carrot on a stick, shield, and shovel durability
  • TNT block issue
  • Player icons error


  • Wall signs issue


  • Creepers aggro issue
  • Ghast hitbox issue
  • Fixed the “MeleeAttackGoal” error
  • The Iron Golem’s legs issue

Graphics and Rendering

  • Error with Experience Orbs
  • Error with Fireballs date
  • Error with NPC geometry
  • Error with Items which removed from furnace
  • Error with glass and water
  • Error with glint texture

screenshot of main menu in v. version

DOWNLOAD: minecraft-v1_16_0_55.apk from Google Play [90.91 Mb]

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