Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android

Minecraft PE BETA

Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android you can in this article. Few days ago Mojang launcher full version of the game, but it has a lot of bugs. In this BETA version Mojang will fix a lot of bugs (more than 50). The main feature of this version is that it adds new mob Piglin Brute.

What will be added in v.

New mob Piglin Brute

  • He is improved version of Piglins and very dangerous
  • He will live in Bastion Remnant and you will find him where you find treasure
  • Piglin Brute attacks with golden axe and doesn’t wear any armor

screenshot of Piglin Brute
Bug fixes:
below you will see some bugs which for me is important, FULL bugs list you can see here

  • Baby pigs bug with despawn
  • Dolphins, fish, and squid will be spawned in bubble columns
  • Mobs max spawn radius bug
  • Walls now connect to glass blocks and open trapdoors
  • Breaking a Furnace error
  • Stem blocks error
  • Wither health bar issue
  • Boats issue
  • Ambience cave issue with sounds

DOWNLOAD: minecraft_1_16_20_50.apk [95.05 Mb]
last Minecraft PE BETA version
last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.0

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