Download Minecraft PE 1.16.1 for iOS

Download Minecraft PE 1.16.1 full version for iOS you can in this article. Mojang fixed a lot of bugs from v.1.16 version. The biggest bugs are: disappearing netherite items in lava, recipe book doesn’t work correctly, closing Minecraft after entering Nether portal, bugs with multiplayer, etc. Nothing new were added. Nevertheless I totally recommend you to update your Minecraft version.


  • note that article for iOS platform (not for Android)

What bugs were fixed in v.1.16.1 ?

  • Netherite items issue
  • Recipe book issue
  • Recipe selected items issue
  • suspending the game issue
  • PlayStation issues
  • Issues with emotes
  • Custom skins issues

Download Minecraft PE 1.16.1 for iOS.ipa from Apple Store

last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.20
last Minecraft PE BETA version

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