Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android

Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android you can in this article. As you know recently Mojang launched v.1.16.100 full version and it included a lot of bugs. This beta is going to fix many of them. Bugs will be fixed in next categories: vanilla parity, general and technical.

What will be new in v.

Vanilla Parity

  • Ghast fireballs can’t destroy basalt
  • Basalt blocks now take slightly more time to destroy
  • Basalt blocks will be more stronger to destroy
  • Dragon Egg issue


  • The Founder’s Cape issue
  • Server/client desync issue
  • IGPU memory issue
  • Nintendo crash fixed

Technical Changes

  • Limitation of logs issue
  • Culling issues
  • Custom spawn egg issue

DOWNLOAD: minecraft-pe-1-16-200-56.apk [123.73 Mb]
last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.100
last Minecraft PE BETA version

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