Download Minecraft PE Beta for Android

Minecraft PE Beta

Download Minecraft PE Beta for Android you can in this article.


  • Added text-to-speech volume slider
  • Ink Sac from Wandering Trader can now be used for crafting and it can be stacked

Character Creator

  • Emote wheel now supports Screen Reader on Android and iOS devices
  • Split-screen characters are now stored in memory and re-joining the game will keep the character that the player had


  • Fixed upgrade path for ‘format_version’ 1.13.0 boats to be properly upgraded to 1.16.100, which resolves a bug where boats templated worlds with a version lower than 1.16.100 had no gravity


  • Documentation for Bedrock Server Commands has been updated to show the correct commands for permission reloading and listing
  • Teleport command now correctly aligns your rotation with the destination entity
  • Selector argument options can again be seen and auto-completed correctly after specifying one
  • Spawn events now show as suggestions for the ‘/summon’ command
  • ‘SendCommandFeedback’ no longer prevents display of outgoing messages
  • Multiple ‘/tickingarea add’ or ‘/tickingarea remove’ commands performed during the same tick will no longer result in inaccurate messages about the number of ticking areas in use
  • Players can no longer overrun the maximum number of standalone ticking areas in use by adding them all in the same tick
  • Added stop action to the ‘/screenshake’ command
  • Structures can now be deleted from the saved structure list using the new ‘/structure delete <name>’ command

DOWNLOAD: minecraft-1-16-210-54.apk from Google Play [113.7 Mb]
last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.201
last Minecraft PE BETA version

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