Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android

Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android you can in this article. In this update Mojang fixed bugs in some experimental and non experimental features. For example Strongholds will be more difficult to find in larger caves, fixed shulker teleport bug, fixed some bugs with Axolotl and Powder Snow, etc. 

What bugs were fixed in v.

Caves & Cliffs - Experimental Features

  • Minecarts with Chests can also appear in Mineshafts at -y
  • Strongholds will be more hidden in larger caves
  • Fixed a bug where Shulkers would not teleport below y=0 (MCPE-121810)

Caves & Cliffs - Non-Experimental


  • Axolotl can no longer move on its own while playing dead (MCPE-124128)
  • Axolotls no longer play dead on land

Powder Snow

  • Dispensers can now dispense a Powder Snow Block using a Powder Snow Bucket
  • Skeletons no longer freeze when standing inside of Powder Snow, and will transform into strays after 45 seconds (MCPE-116781)
  • Mobs can now pathfind properly on top of Powder Snow (MCPE-118214)
  • Vanilla Parity: Powder Snow can no longer support Scaffolding (MCPE-120947)
  • Vanilla Parity: Mining time of Powder Snow Block now matches mining time in Java Edition
  • Players can no longer Jump on top of Powder Snow to avoid sinking (MCPE-112023)

Azalea Leaf

  • Azalea and Flowering Azalea leaves now drop themself when mined with Silk Touch tools

Caves and Cliffs

  • Infested variants of Deepslate can be found in Extreme Hills biome
  • Block of Copper is now crafted with 9 Copper Ingots
  • Block of Copper can be crafted down into 9 Copper Ingots
  • Copper Ore and Deepslate Copper now drop 2-3 Raw Copper
  • Raw Iron, Copper, and Gold item textures have been updated
  • Block of Raw Iron, Copper, and Gold textures have been updated
  • Compass and Clock textures have been updated

Spore Blossom

  • Spore Blossom no longer survives in water


  • Copper now has correct graphical and sound effects when waxing/dewaxing (MCPE-121827)
  • Underside of leaves now render correctly when placed on top of Copper Slabs

Glow Squid

  • Squid and Glow Squid now make a specific sound when they let ink out
  • Old signs no longer glow when being dyed (MCPE-117835)


  • Increased chances of getting screamer goat by breeding screamer goat with non-screamer goat

DOWNLOAD: minecraft-pe-1-17-0-54.apk [133.06 Mb]

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Cross от 11 June 2021 17:48
Add more new item plss
Royneil от 11 May 2021 12:25
I love this game,this my MOST FAVORITE game.
Ian Conde
Ian Conde от 11 May 2021 10:35
Pls tell the Mojang team to add banner mark in bedrock and chested boats
Counter_GamingTY от 9 May 2021 15:00
i love this game so much i even found my new crush and i got my first kiss at minecraft with him
JusWhandan98 от 9 May 2021 06:17
super good caves and cliffs!!! :D
RedShadow от 8 May 2021 10:22
Nice update
Jm от 7 May 2021 17:14
Please add bundle
Jm от 7 May 2021 17:12
Quote: Nathaniel
Please add some warden

Quote: Nathaniel
Please add some warden
Nathaniel от 7 May 2021 10:29
Please add some warden
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