Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android

Minecraft PE BETA

Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android you can here. Mojang added some features and fixed many bugs from latest release. For example they added: candles, improved gameplay and fixed bugs with Axolotls, Iron Golems, evokers, etc.

Full changes you can find on official website:….

What is new in v. BETA?


  • New item in the game and beside the torch it is great source light
  • To lit the candle you have to use flint and steel.
  • There are 16 colors of a candle (if you dye it)
  • put the candle in the cake and you can have awesome birthday celebrating!

How to craft?
Use honeycomb and string to craft the candle. You can also use dye and change the color.

How to change the color using dye? example
how to candles look like

DOWNLOAD: minecraft-pe-1-17-10-22-beta.apk from Google Play [124.68 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft-pe-1-17-10-22-free-skin.apk from Google Play [123.96 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft-pe-1-17-10-22-x86.apk from Google Play [137.12 Mb]

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