Download Minecraft PE 1.18 FULL version for Android

Minecraft PE 1.18 FULL version for Android is finely released! Mojang added a lot of new features: new cave generation, new music, new sizes for the world, improved biome, etc. Of course tons of bug fixes and crashes.

What is new in v.18 FULL version?
Extended world sizes
World size has been extended to y320 and y-64. Now you can explore and build much more.
New Terrain and Mountain Generation
Mojang made mountain much taller. Now they can include of 256 blocks.

New biomes
4 new biomes will be added

New Cave Generation
Mojang added Noise cave and they will generate underground.

Large ore veins

long save system fill of ore

New mob spawning
Game will spawn monsters in complete darkness only.

New music and Achievements

  • New Achievements/Trophies
  • New sounds by Lena Raine and Kumi Tanioka.
  • New music disk will generate in Stronghold
  • 4 new achievements

working Xbox/free skin editor/working servers without Xbox Live/no market:

Clon/working Xbox Live:

working Xbox Live:

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