Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android

Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android. Mojang fixed some bugs and added some features.

Experimental Features

  • Frogs no longer eat Goats! (MCPE-151536)

Features and Bug Fixes

  • Cocoa Pods placed on chunk borders don’t break anymore upon reloading the World (MCPE-67479)
  • Structure Block structures now correctly transform (rotate and/or mirror) multiface blocks (e.g. Glow Lichen)


  • Fixed Observer block retaining its lit state while in the inventory if destroyed while blinking (MCPE-114173)
  • Fixed a bug where Paintings could overlap with Glow Item Frames, Signs, Banners, and Torches
  • Pillager Outposts now spawn the correct number of Pillagers and Golems (MCPE-141499)


  • Boats will no longer disappear when getting out of them after a long ride (MCPE-108568, MCPE-125388)
  • Boat oars now have the same color as the Boat (MCPE-150492)


  • Untamed Cats can now be leashed
  • Guardians and Elder Guardians no longer sink while targeting an enemy or the player

User Interface

  • The Construction tab on the inventory screen now has the correct color when using Pocket UI
  • Fixed an issue with missing Inventory slots when using Pocket UI (MCPE-151545)
  • Fixed an issue with blank inventory slots in the creative inventory, which could cause interaction issues in the world (MCPE-151506)

World Generation

  • Chests and Monster Spawners now spawn correctly in structures (MCPE-23416) (MCPE-48622) (MCPE-97295)

DOWNLOAD: minecraft-1-18-10-27.apk from Google Play [138.95 Mb]

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