Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android

Time to new update! Minecraft PE BETA for Android adds new biome and blocks into your game! Mojang is continue to add new stuff and it looks like they never stop do this. Last time they added mob Warden, deep dark biome, ancient city structure and many more. Now you see also a lot of different stuff such like biome and new blocks. 

What are new in BETA?

1) Mangrove Swamp Biome
This swamp place is full of mangrove trees. New tree looks huge and very unique. It has also roots. Texture are very realistic. 

 How to find this place? just type this coordinate -1654, 75, 3019

2) New blocks: Mud, mud bricks, 
These new blocks you can find in Mangrove Swamp Biome. Some of them get new sounds.

decoration block. Easy recipe consisft of water bottle on a dirt block.

Mud Bricks
decoration block. You can craft it with using 4 packed mud.

Packed Mud block (recipe: mud and wheat)

Changes and bug fixes:
Mojang also fixed a lot of bug fixes and made some changes to improve the game. It related to Allay, Frog, gameplay, graphic, mobile tough controls, etc.

DOWNLOAD: minecraft-1-19-0-20.apk [154.93 Mb]

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