Download Minecraft PE BETA for Android

Time to update! Welcome Minecraft PE BETA! This version added spectacular mode, Recovery Compass, Sculk Shrieker, changed Warden and much other.

how to turn on Spectacular mode?

  • 1) turn on all experimental features
  • 2) /gamemode6

If you go to spectacular mode you can go underground and see “developers view”.
Recovery Compass

  • Unlike a normal Compass, the Recovery Compass will point to the last place you died
  • If you are not in the dimension where you last died, or you haven’t died yet in your world, it will randomly spin
  • It can be crafted with 1 Compass surrounded by 8 Echo Shards
  • *Echo Shards will be available as loot in Ancient Cities in a future update

DOWNLOAD: minecraft-1-19-0-24.apk [152.9 Mb]

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