Download Minecraft PE for Android

Suddenly Mojang made Minecraft PE 0.17.0 and how download it I show you in this article, also you can look what changes implemented developers. For example in this version boast of new interface, new search blocks, new mobs, add elytra and changes were made ender!

How you can download the game?

People who use Android device can sign up here and test MCPE. But if you want help the project, so you have to give information about bugs to us here feedback

What is new in Minecraft PE 0.17.0/1.0.0?


Realms button has been deleted. Also you have choose with two difference interface. On default you start with new one, but you can come back to second interface. Let’s go to setting and you can look two interface classic and pocket.

With new interface you can use searching. Let’s see on screenshot. Just go to inventory and put some name of blocks (for example pick or something else) and on this window you can see what picks you have.

New mobs

First new mob is Shulker.

Polar Bear

Mojang adds elytra in MCPE

Now when you need come down from big mounting you can use elytra. It works like parachute. You just dress it and jump down the mounting. You don’t take damage.

And the last update is the End. Mojang adds a lot of new thinks.

How you can enter to the End?

Find a portal. Then you take 12 eyes of endermen and put them in portal. Activation is work? Lets go to portal!

Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE (x86)

Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE (x86)

old version

Download Minecraft PE 1.0 [0.17.0] Download Minecraft PE 1.0 [0.17.0] for Android 2.3.6+


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