Download Minecraft PE 0.8.1 for Android apk

Minecraft PE 0.8.1

Here you can download Minecraft PE 0.8.1 for Android. It is one of the popular game on google market, every month Mojang ( the company who created the game ) sell hundreds copies. Players all around the world make letsplays and rewiews on it in youtube. You will see originaly and creative pixel graphic. Survival is the main goal of Minecraft.

After big succeed Mojang decide ported the game for Android, iOS and Windows devices. It was big surprise for fans and MCPE become more reputation and respect.

As I said, survival is the main goal here. You have a big world with peace and hostile mobs. Some of them can attack you. You able to mine and get resources to build or make something.

There is multiplayer here. Create the play and invite your friend or join to server game and play with another people of all around the world. There are many maps where you will have competitions.

The Minecraft is more the game. The change borders and make your mind to play in it more and more.

Attention! Updating version: Download Minecraft PE 1.2 { NEW }

DOWNLOAD: minecraft-pocket-edition-v0_8_1.apk [10,29 Mb] (count: 143)

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