Download Minecraft PE 1.3 for Android

Minecraft PE 1.3 for Android/iOS has to be very interesting version. New dungeons, mobs, blocks, structures, biomes, dimensions and other addictions waiting for you. In this article, I try to anticipate what will Mojang add.

We already have some news from Tommaso Checchi on Reddit[1]. Acording this information, new version will be called as plutonium mode.

What will add in Minecraft PE 1.3

At first, I waiting for new dungeons. It is great structure, where we can get real adventure from our game. Which one will add? It is good question.

New biomes

The most favorite mode for me is many biomes. Why Mojang could not add new different territory?! I hope it will be in new 1.3 version of game. Some screenshot about this topic, below.

New mobs

Why in 1.2 version we got so low amount new mobs? I hope to Mojang has more idea for Minecraft PE 1.3 version.

New mechanisms

New dimensions

It is great idea! For example, you will able to build your own spaceship and fly to moon. There is some modification already, so it is real to do.

Reactors Erocomic system and money New bosses

Minecraft PE 1.3 release date 1.11.2017-15.11.2017

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