Download Minecraft PE for Windows 10, 8

Minecraft PE for Windows 10, 8 is popular sandbox game, where you have to survive. You will discover unlimited world with many monsters, resources, materials, items, blocks and interesting features. Amazing and unique pixel graphic makes Minecraft very original. You have never seen survival game like this before.

  • Developers: Mojang
  • Operation system:Windows 10 and 8

How to play?

When you start play, you will get couple of items and map. That is all! You have to get resources, fight with hostile mobs, open new areas, build houses, makes mechanical machines and elements. Do you want play with friends?

Game includes multiplayer. Invite as much people as you can and have fun together!

You able to connect on server and play with people around the world. It Is easy to do, just open your game and click on the server in menu.

Are you ready to big adventure? Open Minecraft and do it! Do not forget about resources, because only with them you can craft new blocks, weapons, materials and other things.

Download Minecraft PE for Windows 10 DOWNLOAD: [12,98 Mb]
Download Minecraft PE for Windows 8 DOWNLOAD: [44,65 Mb]


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