Download Minecraft Education Edition for Android

Minecraft Editication Edition for Android is great platform to learn the game. If you only start to play I recommend you to try this edition first. Minecraft could be sometimes very hard, problematic and not understandable, that is why Mojang have decided to create new version of game.

  • Version: 0.15.99
  • Platform: Android ( but you will see link below for Windows 10 and macOS)
  • It is free product
  • creator: Mojang ( website of the product )

What is new?

You will see new mobs, blocks, commands, worlds and even new possibilities!

Attention! If you cannot place items, use this command in your chat /ABILITY @A WORLDBUILDER TRUE

Some of the new command

Another screenshots from education edition

It is amazing oppurtunity for new Minecraft player to open the game, learn a lot and get satisfaction in the future. Are you ready to education and have fun? Just download this edition.

It is a test version, so if you would have any idea or feedback, it will be great to sent it to Mojang.

Download Minecraft Education Edition for Android

Download Minecraft Education Edition for Windows/macOS


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