Download Minecraft PE for Android

Here you can download Minecraft PE for free below. In this article I will try to describe you which updates and features you will see in new version of the game. Mojang always adds something new such: new mobs, weapons, items, blocks. But also in new versions they try to remove many bugs, that is very important for normal playing.

What was added in Minecraft PE ?

  1. some changes for map makers and addon creators (byte order mark will be deleted, ScriptHotbarContainerComponent’s updated )
  2. Bug fixes ( crashes/perfomence, general, gameplay, mobs, graphical, etc )

All updates you can find on official website:

What was new in Aquatic Update ?

Bamboo is a plant which you will find in jungles.

crossbow ranged weapon ( can shoot with arrows or fireworks )

shield ( you can get safety and protection)

Pillager outpost ( is a structure where live pillagers, really dangerous place )

Ravager ( big hostile mobs )

New user interface

Raid ( is an event, when hostile mobs come to village when you have Bad Omen status )

DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v1_12_0_6_original.apk from Google Play [87.87 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft_v_1_12_0_6_xbox.apk from Google Play [84.91 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: minecraft-pe-v_1_12_0_6-open-skins.apk from Google Play [88.01 Mb]

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