Explosive Blocks Add-on 1.19/1.17

The Explosive Blocks Add-on for Minecraft PE adds a new type of block to the game, called explosive blocks.

When these blocks are destroyed, they will explode, causing damage to any players or mobs in the area. These blocks can be crafted using TNT and obsidian, and can be activated using a redstone signal. They can be useful for creating traps or for destroying large structures quickly. However, they can also be dangerous to use, as the explosion can damage the player and any nearby structures. It is recommended to use caution when working with explosive blocks.

Grass Bomb
Can be different from grass in different biomes

Mud Bomb

Sand bomb

Stone bomb

Rock Bomb

Stove bomb

Flower bomb

Diamond Ore Bomb

Fortified Chest
This chest does not explode with bombs
Can be padlocked to prevent other users from using the chest

Allows you to lock the chest

Deep Shale Bomb

Bomb in the form of depth diamond ore

Pie Bomb

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