Floating Lake Village


Venture into this seed and find yourself immersed in a dense jungle biome, initially concealing its secrets.

However, with a simple twist and a trek over the modest hills behind you, you will stumble upon the true gem of this seed. Behold! A Plains Village, seemingly suspended above a serene lake nestled in the heart of an immense crater, encircled entirely by the lush expanse of the Jungle biome. And as if this spectacle isn’t captivating enough, within the village lies a hidden Jungle Temple and a weather-worn Nether Portal, presenting you with a trove of precious resources to scrounge.

Floating Lake Village Seed: -9223372036779253829

  • Key Locations
    • Floating Village: 95 68 179
    • Ruined Portal: 136 168
    • Jungle Temple: 104 216
    • Trail Ruins: 280 -312
    • Desert Village with Well: -856 136

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