Download Block Story APK 11.2.2 for Android free

Block Story for Android is sandbox game with RPG elements. Explore the world with different biomеs, kill monster and bosses, complete quests, fly on the dragon, craft tools and weapons for battle, improve your skills and become strongest warrior. This is only little description of this big game. This game it is like Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Creator: Mindblocks ( )


  • You can ride on 29 different mobs ( including dragons )
  • Interesting RPG game play
  • Unique biomes
  • Quests and storyline
  • Many None player characters will help you complete your tasks
  • Smart farming system
  • Crafting tools, armors and weapons

How to start?

After you create new Block story world, you spawn in the game. You have to complete first quest «Find a Ted». Do not forget about collect resources and materials for crafting. Make tools and weapons is very important for your surviving. Open crafting table and learn how to craft, it is easy. While you do your quest, you can come across cave, go there. Cave is cool place, where you can mining and get important ores.

DOWNLOAD: blockstory-11_2_2.apk [51,02 Mb]

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