Download Terraria 1.2.12785 for IOS free

Here you can download Terraria for iOS platform. It is sandbox, 2d game, where our main goal is survive. At start, you will spawn in unlimited world full of magic, monsters, different resources, bosses, NPCs and awesome adventures. You have to improve your skills, get resources to craft useful tools and weapons. All of them you will use to surviving in amazing and unexpected world.


  • For platform iOS 6.0 +
  • Developing: by 505 games
  • Support: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.


How to start?

After you spawn first time in generated world, you will have only 3 simple tools. pickaxe, shortsword and axe for woodcutting. Right now you start your surviving. Lets get some resources, take your axe and cut some trees. If you see some cave, you should take your pickaxe and mine ores. Explore your inventory, magical skills and crafting. Plane something to craft and collect resources for this.

Battles will be very often things, because territory is full of monsters, hostile mobs and other evil. Craft the best weapons as you can.

Game interface is simple enough. You can understand all things about crafting or collecting.

DOWNLOAD: terraria_1_2_12785.ipa [94,35 Mb]
Download Terraria apk for Android platform

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