Map Escape Prison

Map PRISON ESCAPE for Minecraft PE. In this map you went to Prison. It was unlawfull and you decided escape to Prison. Are you keep your life? Do you pass through security? All of this you will knew when you will try to play in this map. Thet is gonna be hard.

There are tree part of this map. Every are a jail map and have own story line.

For example, i write story the FIRST part of this map

you have been accused for a crime u never did. You have been here for 5 yers already and decide to escape from Jail. You are worried about your family. They don’t know where you are and what happened. A friend of u left some things for you to escape and also find hidden cheasts and grab all the emeralds.

This is map with story line you have to escape the prison. 2 and 3 part most harder then 1. But you need patience and attention to reach the end. Good luck!


  1. play on hard
  2. do not brake blocks
  3. you can craft tools like swords, armor, torch,
  4. do not use any mods, cheats or other modification

the first part of map

DOWNLOAD: [716,42 Kb] (count: 171)

second part

DOWNLOAD: [840,91 Kb] (count: 77)

thirt part

DOWNLOAD: [2,29 Mb] (count: 91)



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