map The Subterranean Facility

The map The Subterranean Facility for your Minecraft Pocket Edition is very big place where you need escape from and get your freedom. Prepare to difficult obstacles and barriers you need to get round. I recommend you save in your memory rooms and other places where you will walk because you can easy confused in big corridor or dark territories.

Creator: NXUS, Official Website

Average time you spend on this map is 30-40 minutes ( but of course it is very individual )

This is adventure map. You need to complete tusk to find a way out. You have to try to escape from this building. I do not say the storyline is very original, but I consider the map is great, quality and interesting.

Now I gonna show you screenshots of this map

Here you can hear only silent and darkness. But you able to do it and be freedom! Because it is main worth thing which we have in our life. Have to accumulate patient and power and very good read the sighs. ( it is general part to win here )

for version 1.0 +

DOWNLOAD: subterraneanbase.mcworld [1.1 Mb]



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