Auxiliary [adventure map]

Auxiliary map for Minecraft PE is adventure map where you have to escape from brainy and highly intelligent computer. It is called IRIS. As you can see on screenshot below you will captured in big house and this structure are controlling by clever digital mind. Do you ready to go?! Have you enough courage for this redemption?!

Base rules:

  • Forbidden use any modification or cheats when you play in this map
  • You have to very attentively read the sighs
  • At first forbidden brake the blocks
  • Change your game mode on survival
  • And finely of course just have a lot of fun!

So storyline is very easy. Smart computer hold you in big structure and want make experiments with you. Do you want live? Yes! You need to escape from this hell and get freedom. The last breath! Start!

DOWNLOAD: auxiliary-matpatcat.mcworld [1,65 Mb]



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