Sarah’s Curse [adventure map]

Sarah’s Curse is horror adventure map for Minecraft PE. You wake up after long sleep and what do you see? Old, scary room, cobweb and spiders everywhere. Little bit soon you will get useful information about this place. You are in some mine. What do you do here? Why you come and what happens? On this question you have to get answer while your escape.

Developers: FuriousGamer, TeenWolf460, Destroyer99


Silent. Suddenly there is extremely loud scream. You wake up. Why you are here? What happened and how long you here? Only questions. You collect one’s thoughts and decide to escape from this horrible place. Only soon you understand that this old mine. Scream again. You are not along here.

screenshots here

recommend for Minecraft PE +

DOWNLOAD: sara-curse.mcworld [398,18 Kb]



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