See You (Short Horror) [Adventure map]

Are you ready to real horror map for Minecraft PE? «See you» is short map, where you see your nightmare. I recommend play in this map at nighttime where you is alone in the home. It is perfect situation to feel, what want to say creator.

Developers: CreeperGamerZXZ

Average time: 5-6 minutes


  • Brightness 50%
  • You can invite maximum 2 people ( because map is really small )
  • Do not brake the blocks if it not says on the sigh

You will see very good idea to scary you and your friends. Look at this screenshot below. «I said you» interesting, what it is mean?

You afraid dark? Sorry, but mostly, here there is only this light. Unfortunately you have to endure it.

recommend for MCPE 1.1+

DOWNLOAD: see-you-horror-mcpe.mcworld [2,92 Mb] (count: 36)

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